Tuesday, December 21st, 2021

Solar impulse

Tech advancement never fails to surprise us. Herby, a solar aircraft has been created by some organizers and right now tests sessions are going on. At present it is still in the air and lack about 4 hours more in from landing. The aircraft flying since 75 hours is travelling from Japan to Hawaii. The Swiss pilot, Andre Borschberg is having a tough time in there as he is alone in the cockpit with several temperature swings in a day. He is trying out yoga acts to maintain peace and is instructed to take just a 20 minutes nap. Talking about the craft’s energy resource then surprisingly it isn’t working because of fuel but due to the 17,000 solar cells installed in it. For the pilot’s prime safety in the experimental craft, there is built-in toilet in the seat, a life shaft and parachute attached to it in case of any emergency.

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