Sunday, December 26th, 2021

The top highest-paid actress in Bollywood:

Bollywood is also called as Bombay cinema or Hindi cinema. Bollywood is considered as one of the largest film production houses by producing 1989 films yearly. The annual budget of Bollywood is more than 2.88$ dollars.

All of us know about many beautiful actresses in Bollywood but are not aware of how much these beauties earn. The actresses are paid a huge amount per film and advertisement. These beauties are paid more than men working along with them.

Let’s have a look at these highly paid Bollywood divas.


After giving three hit films and getting three national awards she is now the highest-paid actress of Bollywood. Undouble she is one of the best actresses. The diva now charges 15 crores per film.


She is also known as the producer’s choice. Last year she was one of the most highly paid actresses charging 13 crores for Padmavat. She has given many hit films and appeared in Forbes list too. The diva now charges 14 crores per film.


Priyanka earns 13 crores for a film. Besides Bollywood, she has also appeared in Hollywood films. She has recently signed a film with Farhan Akhtar.


She has taken a gap from Bollywood from few years. Bebo charges 11.5 crores for a film. She will recently be seen along with Akashy Kumar and Ranveer Singh.


British Bollywood actress gets paid 11 crores for a film. Even for a supporting role, she charges the same. She charged the same in Zero and Bharat. Her diversity and perfection in every role make her choice of producers.


The stylish diva is the choice of most fashion designers and producers. Her sweet nature makes her personality and performance more elegant. She charged 10.5 crores in Ek ladki and Veere di wedding.


She is one of the most elegant and fine actresses in Bollywood. She has given many hit Bollywood films. She is very conscious of her work and does not accept projects easily. She charges 9.5 crores for a film.


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