Tuesday, December 21st, 2021

Indian movies that made their business through visual effects

Do you remember those dishoom dishoom sounds used in 80’s and 90’s action packed movies? Well it was the time when action sequences, stunts and travel scenes were mainly dependent on human labour. Today’s technology has changed Indian film industry and has succeeded to create such a marvellous pieces of arts in movies that have perfect realistic touch. The most powerful tool used in movies is visual effects. It is method of blending real scenes with computer graphics that are impossible to take place in real world. Here is some detail of 3  movies that used heavy visual effects and  held their control over cinema houses that changed the definition of Indian movies.


2010 blockbuster “Robot” incorporated a category of visual effects called special effects. Its alluring visual creation was heart-throbbing. Whether it was turning of hand into a gun, multiple copies of a robot and their aggregation in different pattern, everything made the heart come into mouth!

#Bahubali 2: the conclusion

When it comes to modern technology, there is no match of Bahubali 2. This movie of Bahubali series made its impression on the mind of public with beautiful natural sceneries like high waterfalls, roaring rivers and amazing jungles. A huge and magnificent kingdom of Maheshmatti,   exquisite visuals in songs and all the fighting sequences were fully equipped with visual effects. It contained some picturesque high quality scenes that left mind boggling, for example  beautifully showered arrows by Bahubali and his walk on bulls.

#Bajirao Mastani:

Captivating scenes, fusion of modern designing of dresses and jewelleries with ancient traditions, love, drama and mesmerising acting of the characters made this movie a live historical epic. It was also a perfect example of presenting VFX as real life scenes. These included fighting of Bajirao within water, his welcome with huge crowd and dance of Mastani. Creating beautiful locations in movie added an extra edge to it.

It tells that a hit flick requires strong story, dramatic dialogues, skilful direction, realistic acting and VFX! But there is still a long journey ahead!



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