Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

Bahubali known to be the most expensive film


Bollywood is always on the run to keep up with the charm of Hollywood. Yet again it has produced a really expensive film named as Bahubali. It has been released in cinemas this Friday. The film is truly epic with the amazing special effects and the remarkable budget of $39. The film has been inspired from the Hollywood’s hotshot, 300. The exciting film 300 was produced by Zack Snyder and its genre is fantasy. Bahubali is the most expensive movie of Bollywood up to date. It is having two parts and first part has been released only. There is no news or update about when the second part would be released. Hopefully it would be next year. The story of Bahubali surrounds a prince belonging to an authoritative kingdom. He left out but then return to claim it again with the help of his brother in an effort to keep the kingdom protected from murderous army.

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