Friday, December 24th, 2021

Top ten Movies to hit America’s box office

The dinosaurs of the Jurassic world proved to be at the top of the cinematic food chain making another 54.2 million pounds and kept the movie Inside out in the second place at North American box office. Jurassic world shatters worldwide records and makes over 500 million dollars in its third week of release in US and Canadian cinemas. The fourth film in the Jurassic series basically experiments on dinosaurs until things go out of their hands. The film just left inside out behind which is known to be the best animated film which pulled of 52.1 million dollars in the second week. Ted 2 a comedy film coming at the third place at 32.9 million dollar in which a teddy comes to life. Max, the film which turned out to be in the fourth place made 12.2 million dollar. Spy a comedy film made about 7.8 million dollars in which a CIA analyst goes undercover. San Andreas making 5.3 million dollars came at the sixth place while the film Dope came at the seventh with 2.9 million dollars. The horror film insidious made around 2 million dollars while Mad Max casting Charlize Theron made 1.7 million dollars. On the 10th place was Avengers- age of ultron will pulled up to 1.6 million dollars. Final figures are to be release on Monday.

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