Meet this intelligent man from Chennai who has developed a Rs 250 (DIY) Water Harvesting System that can collect 200 liters of water in just 10 minutes. This simple technology is considered an ideal solution for the on-going Chennai water crisis.


Seeing the current situation of water scarcity in Chennai, a proper rainwater harvesting system has become the dire need of the house. For many of us, a rainwater harvesting system might sound like an expensive solution or even impossible for people living in rented homes or flats. But this man from Chennai, with his smart efficiency, has proved all of us wrong!


Dayanand Krishnan, a 45-year old man from Chennai, has developed his own water harvesting system for just 250 Rs. This DIY project which has cost him just a few pennies, has helped him collect over 200 liters of water in just 10 minutes.


Speaking at an interview, Krishnan told that as soon as he got the news that the monsoon rain spells are coming in Chennai, he started thinking of ways to save maximum quantity of rainwater for his household-usage purpose.


“Thousands of liters of fresh rainwater would have wasted if I not have invented this cheap and easy method of collecting rainwater,” said Krishnan.


He further mentioned that this system required him no plumbers or experts, as the complete system can be easily developed at home with a little manpower. Already having a huge water storage drum, Krishnan only had to purchase a PVC pipe, some pipe bends, and a cloth filter.


His terrace and roof were the main collection points to which he attached the pipes and redirected the rainwater flow to the drum, secured with a cloth to filter out impurities.


“An exit water pipe is connected to every terrace and balcony which draws the water out. My challenge was only to secure the end of these exit pipes and divert them towards the storage drum. For filtration purposes, I placed a cloth filter. The rainwater harvest system did its work when Chennai received heavy rainfall in the last days of June,” said Krishnan.


This cheap rainwater harvesting system is applicable to both flats and independent houses. On rainy days, you can easily save hundreds of liters of water and can easily spend the rest of the week without any water shortage or paying heavy bills to the water tankers. Krishnan says that people should replicate this model, as his friend has followed the same technique and things are working perfectly for them as well.