Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

Water levels rise in rivers

As reported on Tuesday by the Indus river system authority (IRSA) that there has been a rise in the water levels of River Jhelum at chashma point and also at various other points of Taunsa Barrage.   The authorities stated that water levels at various other points are increasing while at many other points the water level is normal. The rapid flow of water at Chashma is measured at 383,175 cusecs while the influx and outflux at Mangla dam is 65,864 cusecs and 60 cusecs respectively. A rise in water level has been measured in Taunsa Barrage that is 270,403 cusecs of influx and 252,403 cusecs of outflux. At Tarbela in River Sindh the influx is measured at 247,200 cusecs while outflux is 208,400 cusecs. Apart from this, water flow measured at Bala Bagh is at 284,167 cusecs and the out flow is at 275,667 cusecs. At Nowshera in river Kabul the inflow of water is 75,900 cusencs. In river Chenab at Head Marala point the water flow has risen to 112,823 cusecs while the discharge is at 82800 cusecs.  At head panjnad the water flow is 84,133 cusecs while the outflow is 69,353 cusecs as measured. In the mean time the water flow at Guddu Barrage is 212,415 cusecs while the outflux is at 178,211 cusecs.

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