Tuesday, December 21st, 2021

Russia against an arm race with the west

Moscow (AFP)- A top kremlin aside stated on Wednesday that Russia does not want to come in a expensive new arms race with the United states, after president Vladimir stated that it was improving its nuclear arsenal. “Russia is trying to counter to some possible perils briefed YuryUshakov. We are opposing the arm race as it damages our economic abilities, Uskakov stated. He refused to state his reviews when questioned about the possibility of a face to face military clash between Russia and the west. The west stated that Russia would add 40 new ballistic missiles to its nuclear weapons this year. If someone brings threats to our territory we will have no choice but to suppress those threats stated Putin. No one desires to go back to “cold war status” stated John Kerry US secretary. Russia and the west have the worst tie since the breakup of Soviet Union. US plans to station troops with heavy armament. Putin states that US association is coming to our borders.

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