Reham Khan and Imran Khan reported that they have petitioned for a separation and as of now Pakistani media is investing all its time and vitality is hunting down conceivable explanations behind the separation. Some are stating that it was for political reasons and others are stating that Reham Khan took a lot of cash from somebody Imran Khan knew yet did not advise him. It is the obligation of the media to report everything except for the inhumanity with which these correspondents and grapple persons report the news is not something that sets out a decent picture of Pakistan.
Every one of the news channels are covering the separation like it will have some sort of an effect on the political, social or financial state of the nation in spite of the fact that this is something totally individual which will just impact the two individuals who were in this relationship. Like Hyenas who eat the dead assortments of creatures, our media lives on negative news. They don’t look into how their state of mind will impact the families included.
Like dependably, the lady is being made the fundamental center of consideration. The media is verifying that one by one they bring up all the negative things that have ever surfaced about Reham Khan keeping in mind the end goal to censure her picture. Does that imply that just terrible individuals get separated? Would anybody like to get separated or wants to do as such? It is judgment skills that when somebody gets separated it is an exceptionally grievous incident. Individuals are allowed to discuss it as much as they need sitting with loved ones however media has a greater obligation in light of the fact that the gatherings included and the entire world is watching them.
Imran Khan asked for the media to not dramatically overemphasize this occurrence and to not estimate but rather Pakistani media is contending to burrow soil and each and every channel has made it its central goal to draw out all the conceivable theories. The media likewise conversed with the mufti who led the nikkah and his announcement is being advanced on each page. Theories have taken an insane turn where a few channels are getting “master” sentiment on whether Imran Khan will wed Jemima again now.
A few channels are occupied with figuring out what the haq mehr was which is considerably crazier. They are demonstrating old meetings in which Reham and Imran both discussed separation as a joke out in the open to rub it in! The pics and jokes circling on online networking are additionally exceptionally heartless. It is safe to say that we are so denied of stimulation thus insensible that we think it is okay to snicker on individuals’ close to home tragedies?
Political Parties however have taken a more develop methodology. All the main gatherings like PPP and PML (N) have advised their laborers to cease from remarking about the separation. The media ought to take motivation from these political pioneers and forgo making this time much more troublesome for the gatherings included on the grounds that it is about the couple as well as their youngsters and families are included in this as well. PTV is the main channel which is not regarding this separation as feature news. Here is the reason.