Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

Most popular Indian cuisines for food lovers:

Besides culture, India is also famous for its diverse range of flavours and cuisines. Indian food is particularly famous for its divine spices and a pleasant aroma. Food is deliciously rich in taste which attracts food lovers all around the world. All the 29 states are famous for their special food. All varieties of cuisines available are delicious and consist of a full plate of flavours i.e. sweet, spicy, briny and sour. That is why Indian food is famous all around the world.

Few mouth-watering Indian cuisines are listed below, a foodie should have these


It is one of the most loved dishes in India and popular in its neighbouring countries. This dish is inspired by Mughal eras and cooked on low heat (dum style). It is a combination of spices along with meat, rice and vegetables.


It was originated from South India but now popular all over the subcontinent. They are made from thin fermented batter of rice. Rice and black lenticel are grounded to make a batter. It is served with mashed potatoes and tamarind chutney.


It is one of the delicious snacks. It belongs to Maharashtra. In Hindi potato is known as Vada. Potatoes are deep-fried and placed in the middle of the bun. It resembles burger sometimes also called Bombay burger.


It is a native dish of Lucknow. Also known as Galotti Kebab. Buffalo mince is used in the preparation. 160 spices are added in the mince and mixture is sized in ball shape or flat shape and cooked on coal.


Rogan josh also known as Rogan gosht is made from lamb or goat meat is the famous dish of Kashmir. It is Persian cuisine. Saffron is added in the spices. Meat is left overnight on low heat.


It is a Gujarati dish. Rice and chickpeas are grounded. The batter is formed and left overnight. Then cook as usual on a pan. It can be served in breakfast, as a main course or snack.

So do you want to try them all?




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