Friday, December 31st, 2021

Aqal Nawab (TTP) in police custody

Aqal nawab, swat group commander of TTP (tehreek i taliban pakistan) has been arrested on tuesday. He has been hiding in Karachi since the start of operation Zarb e Azb. Nawab confessed his involvement during probe in the terror attacks on shamozai police station and malakand university. The atc (anti terror court) has handed nawab in the police custody.  Aqal nawab was arrested from baldia town during an operation by the counter terrorism department. He confirmed during the probe that he had been hiding in baldia town eversince the operation Zarb e Azb initiated in tribal areas. He also confirmed his involvement in bomb blasts on shamozai police station and Malakand University. Aqal Nawaz is also trained in operating modern weapons and making bombs. There are six other terrorists like him. Mazhar Mashwani, incharge or the counter terrerism department stated that the investigation of the terrorist caught is in progress. The taliban group TTP swat is also involved in target killing of police officials in Karachi.

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