Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

Ayyan’s bail plea accepted

Super model Ayyan Ali’s bail plea in the currency smuggling case was accepted by the Lahore high court (Lhc) on Tuesday. A two member bench of the Lhc over ruled the judicial remand of sending Ayyan back to custody and ordered for an immediate release of Ayyan Ali. She has been spending her time miserably in the central jail adiala for an attempt to smuggle over 500,000 dollars out of country while pakistani law prohibits any passenger from carrying over 10,000 dollars. Latif Khosa, the defense lawyer stated that the Lahore high court agreed for a bail to Ayyan Ali after hearing both side arguments furthermore he stated that the court has initiated the paper work for Ayyan’s release. The lawyer had former told the court that the money Ayyan Ali was carrying came from a legal property sale and that the model had no intentions of taking that money out of Pakistan futhermore he said that she was waiting for her brother in the airport lounge before checking in so that her brother could take the cash to karachi. It wasn’t clear when Ayyan Ali would be released but mostly lawyers take one or two days to finish the paperwork for the clients release.

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