Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

Ayyan’s third bail plea turned down

The super model Ayyan Ali’s bail request has been turned down by the Lahore high court (LHC) in Lahore. The super model Ayyan Ali was caught in the money laundering case on Monday. Her bail request was heard by Justice Abdul Sami. Throughout the case hearings Ayyan’s defence lawyer Latif Khosa claimed that a groundless and unjustified case was registered against his client Ayyan under the pressure of politics. He further stated that Ayyan is not involved in smuggle of currency abroad. Khosa argued with the court that Ayyan Ali could not be termed traveller as there was no exit stamp on Ayyan Ali’s passport nor she had any boarding card before setting off for Dubai. The state lawyer added that Ayyan was arrested under section IV under the act of custom and her two bail request have already been turned down. He further stated that Ayyan was surrounded up by custom officials in Islamabad airport’s VIP lounge. She was caught taking huge sum of money abroad through illegal means he further stated. After the argument the Lahore high court judge turned down Ayyan Ali’s third bail request.

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