Wednesday, December 29th, 2021

Bilawal Bhutto pays a visit at civil hospital

Chairman of Pakistan people’s party (PPP) bilawal Bhutto visited the civil hospital to see the heatstroke victims being treated there. He had tight security surrounding him in the hospital. Bilawal Bhutto was also accompanied by Qaim Ali Shah chief minister of Sindh. The details say that bilawal Bhutto sat and had a conversation with some patients being treated in different wards and he also inquired about their health status. He questioned the doctors too regarding the health of some patients. Other than Qaim Ali shah senator Sherry Rehman, provincial minister of health jam mehtab Dhar and other main leaders also accompanied Bilawal Bhutto PPP chairman. MS civil hospital Saeed Qureshi, informed bilawal about the conditions of the patients and the treatment given to them. Immense security measures were applied in the hospital. Unnecessary people were removed from the ward. After spending some time with the victims bilawal went back to his house.

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