Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

Lenovo PC’s unveiled

Lenovo, a much talked No.1 computer Market Company of today has launched the most advanced version of its PC which is priced at $130 and stands on a stick. Much like the selfie-stick mania this is going to be popular soon because of its pleasing features. The eyes won’t believe the sight of a bite-sized PC, performing like a Windows PC but can be connected to the PC monitor or TV for the users to conveniently access instant files. Lenovo has announced a money-saving device unexpectedly which prohibits the idea of purchasing a expensive laptop or computer by featuring its latest PC with games, chatting and video calling powered by a computer igniting functioning obscured inside. The mini-PC on stick powered by Windows 10 comprises of all one needs for connectivity, sharing, volume and storage. Lenovo had plans to provide the businessmen/travelers/families with a unique portable and cheap device to enhance mobility and managing.

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