Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

China forcing Uighurs to leave fasting in Ramazan.

Xinjiang is China’s unmanageable western region where local governments are trying to increase their control over Muslims. Officials swears were made stating that they will not fast.


For the followers of Islam, Ramazan is a holy month which will commence this week. It’s considered to be a very complex time in Xinjiang. Hundred of people have died in attacks during the last three years. Beijing has held Islamist militants responsible for these attacks.


Many official notifications have been published on media and government official websites requiring students, teacher, civil employees that they do not fast during the month of Ramazan. Same sorts of notifications have been issued  by many government institutions.


“China is spreading its bans and also there will be serious scrutiny across the country as Ramazan coming closer. Uighurs’ faith is being politicized, there can be severe resistance due to the increase in control.” Said Dilxat Raxit who is a spokesperson for the exiled Uigher group.


Zhang Chunxian informed that the stability for region is facing continuous pressure from religious extremists.


China inhibits approximately 20 million Muslims. A portion of which are Uigher, they call Xinjian their home.

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