Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

Photographers of Karachi united to show city’s untold tales.

With rallies and blocked roads at the sundown of June 12, people in large numbers succeeded in paying a visit at the I Am Karachi Museum which was organized at the Alliance Française de Karachi.


This was an audio-visual showcase of photos taken by part-time and certified photographers from all six areas of the city viz. Malir, Korangi, East, West, Central and South.


The two-day event, ran by the association of I AM KARACHI and The School of Writing (TSW),


Mohsin Tejani, the founder of TSW said that it is not just a camerawork showcase. We have brought together at least 70,000 photos, creating Karachi’s largest collection.




Before the exhibition photographer did the real work, they toured around the city’s busy streets, markets and societies, memorials, cathedrals, shrines and mosques in their exertion to capture the true soul of Karachi.


It was not easy to go to unfrequented places like, Essa Nagri, Ranchor Line, but it was quite a dare however, the result, can be observed through the tales told through by the pictures.


You could stare pictures for many minutes and not get tired by the outstanding work of art.


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