Thursday, December 30th, 2021


With traditional devotion shab e qadar (27th night of ramzan) of the 1436th hijri year in being celebrated in pakistan and several other part of the world. Jamia Naeemia scholar raghib naeemi stated that those people praying on the night of shab e qadar are the luckiest of the people. Raghib naeemi stated that praying on this nigh is of immense significance. He stated that everyone should pray for their forgiveness of the sins they have made. On this night Quran was conferred upon Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w). This night has been regarded as the devotion night that is a night better than 1000’s of other nights. Gabriel and other angels visit the earth at this night to say Ameen while a person prays. All the Mosques in this country at this night are decorated and illuminated for all the religious gatherings arranged on this night. Recitation of Quran takes place, naats are read in 1000’s of Mosque throughout the country

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