Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

Anti-corruption march

When the President Hernandez of Tegucigalpawas chalking out stuff in Guatemala with Central American Leaders, its nation decided to protest against his corruption scandal. Hernandez is said to be involved in taking over the poverty-decreasing funds and putting hand in public health system in an unacceptable way. The president firmly denied the rubbish idea of winning elections of 2013. The people of Tegucigalpa who consider their President as a criminal couldn’t take the corruption level anymore. The protestors swarmed on the streets to lead a march demanding immediate resignation from the president. The protestors were thousands in number and protested by waving anti-corruption banners in the air and raised torches along with lit-candles also. The protest march was secured by policemen and security officials. Before the protest, President had even called for a serious consideration between the pupilsbut the proposal was rejected by the nation.

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