Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

Ashrad Sona resigns from PPP

Ashraf Sohana, The leader of Pakistan’s people party (PPP) and also the president of the Labour wing in Punjab has decided to quit from all party post in Lahore. He stated that PPP’s decline in near and has started after the general elections. Manzoor Watto rather than pulling PPP together and making it an effective team has now created a new Watto league in Punjab. Adressing toward media at the Press club in Lahore, Ashraf Sohana has made strict statements about Manzoor Watto, PPP Punjab president. He stated that Mazoor Watto has given essential posts to his own family members which is against the law of the party PPP yet Asif Ali Zadari has not taken any action against Mazoor Watto. He further mentioned that the down fall of PPP initiated after the 2013 general elections still PPP members havnt learned anything from their mistakes. He also stated that his is not leaving politics but is resigning from PPP and may join some other party in the coming days.

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