Friday, January 7th, 2022

NE Syria city Hasakeh parts seized by IS

The northeastern side of Hasakeh, a Syrian city was attacked when the Islamic State group fighters gushed inside in dark night. The results were unbelievable as they captured the neighborhoods against the forces of government. The clash between the two forces was mighty and inculcated with heavy weapon, as per the report of a monitoring group.  The fight was long and lasted for more than 15 hours. The results of the fight were astonishing as more than thirty of the regime loyalists and twenty Islamic State group fighters were banished to death. A group based in Britain has reported that the jihadists came through the militia checkpoint as they advanced into the city and used the suicide bomber at first. There was not only heavy shelling but loss of lives and spread of threatening all over. It made the citizens escape to the northern parts. As the control of power in Hasakeh resides in two hands, the Kurdish militia and the Government too, therefore the controlling authoritative actions came later.

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